LOVE the LIFE you LIVE has a mission to raise awareness, inspire hope, and offer monetary support to suicide and depression prevention. Just as suicide is the leading cause of death amongst musicians, entertainers, and artists, it has also increased as a leading cause of death for teens and young adults in the United States of America.

Furthermore, when people who are not famous see how many celebrities have been in similar situations and shared similar mood & mental disorders or thoughts of suicide it gives a reality to the viewers and listeners.


Research proves that there is a correlation between music and aspects of psychological health and lifestyle. Thus, LOVE the LIFE you LIVE aims to use music to promote a healthy psychological lifestyle.


Musicians and entertainers have always been connectors to the community; accordingly, their artistic influence on this project should ultimately inspire both artists, executives, and everyday people to truly believe that their life is valuable and no matter what challenges may occur you should always LOVE the LIFE you LIVE.