Founded in October 2014, LOVE the LIFE you LIVE aims to use music, performing arts, and entertainment to inspire hope and raise awareness about suicide and depression prevention.


Besides the initial inspiration for this campaign, there are two core reasons to explain why LOVE the LIFE you LIVE is so important. 


The first reason: For those of us who have lost loved ones due to death by suicide, and were left with puzzling feelings of anger, regret, sadness, and uneasiness looking for answers to questions like:

Why would he/she do this?

What could I have done to save him/her?

Why wouldn’t he/she ask for help when so many people loved and care?

The second reason: For those of you who have attempted death by suicide and were unsuccessful. Thank God you were unsuccessful!!!


People suffer from depression and other mental and mood disorders in silence every day.  Mistakes can be made, trials and tribulations can arise in life, but ultimately growth can happen.  Your purpose is unique to you and every person on this earth has a divine purpose.  That in itself is something to live for. Time heals almost everything, give it time! It’s never too late to rewrite your life’s new song!

Will Stone, a performing arts entrepreneur from New York City, shares his story:

DJ and live music professional, Alán Hensley, shares his story: