Let the Music Bring You Home

Last year we told you "when worst comes to worst, at life's worst Choose You". This year we're back at it again to mark our one year anniversary with new music to remind you that music still holds the power to save and change lives: "when you feel all hope is gone, let the music bring you home". Bring You Home is LOVE the LIFE you LIVE's (LLL) newest single, and is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Music, and all other music streaming platforms.

LLL's Founder and Songwriter Janay M. James explains, "Music is magic. Music is medicine. And Bring You Home celebrates all of that. When I wrote it I just thought about all of the mental, physical, and spiritual sensations that everyone goes through at pinnacle stress moments in our lives."

With a classic track produced by Berklee College of Music alumnus Peter Eddins, accompanied by the soulful vocals of singer/songwriter Indira Imani, and good vibes of HipHop by rapper Courtesy, Bring You Home is the emerging of musical styles with genuine purpose.

Janay expresses, "I wrote Bring You Home to remind people that through any and everything that goes on in your life there's always something that can bring you back home to your place of positive energy and zen. That something for me has always been music".

Head over to www.lovethelifeyoulivemusic.com to further align with our mission, download or stream Bring You Home on your favorite music platform, and checkout our music video below.

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