Empire Sheds Silver Lining

Most of us are familiar with Fox's hit drama series Empire. (Of course, because today's Empire Wednesday!) Fan or not, there is no denying that Empire sheds light on the therapeutic impact that music has on people's lives. Whether it's the youngest son Hakeem releasing his stresses on a new track or Jamal reacting to his father's mischievousness by creating a diss song, it all creates a form of release using music as an outlet for their everyday struggles and misfortunes.

Season 2, episode 12 highlights the impact that music has on the eldest brother of the Lyon dynasty, Andre. Andre, unlike his two younger brothers, is not musically talented but is more business oriented. Andre also suffers from bipolar disorder, a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity level, and sometimes the ability to carry out day to day happenings. Overwhelming amounts of stress usually trigger panic attacks or worse for those dealing with bipolar disorder, also referred to as manic-depressive illness. Currently, Andre is dealing with the loss of his unborn child and his wife's lack of faith, in addition to the usual Lyon family drama. His family notices his change of behavior and starts to worry about the impact such occurrences is having on him. As last week's episode came to a close, Jamal and Hakeem Lyon decide to do what they do best: use their God given talent to make an impact and spark a sense of solace for their brother. The brothers unite to perform Good People for Andre and their mother, Cookie:

The lyrics explain how painful and difficult it is for people to continue on after enduring tragedy but also confirm that everything happens for a reason and the bad times won't last forever:

"We'll get by

We'll see the light

In the morning, its gonna be alright

The circumstance, is in the plan

Even if we don't fully understand why

The bad things happen to the good people"

Although not musically inclined, Andre's reaction to the words and tunes he heard sparked something within him. Maybe it was the support of his family, maybe it was the reassurance that brighter days will come, maybe it was the melodies that calmed his spirit; Whatever it was that moved him, music was the driving force of comfort, consolation, and hope at that moment. Often times suicide is a result of developed mental or mood disorders like bipolar depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and so many other disorders THAT CAN BE TREATED!! In a previous Empire episode when things were really going down hill for Andre, he did attempt death by suicide. Fortunately, for him, his family, and all those who know and love him he was unsuccessful.

LOVE the LIFE you LIVE has added Good People to it's newest YouTube playlist, Hold On. Hold on will be composed of our go-to songs that promote strength through tragedy. Today I challenge you to share your personal favorite "Hold On" song with someone. It's always a great time to spark hope in someone's life!

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