Pay attention!!! Pay attention to the changes in behavior and the cries for help from the people that you love. While you may not be aware, they could be struggling their life’s biggest battle in silence. If a person talks about killing themselves, having no reason to live, being a burden to others, feeling trapped, or unbearable pain consider that type of language suicide warning signs.

Irish singer and songwriter, Sinead O’Connor has cried out for help via her public social media pages leading up to and after a second death by suicide attempt. In 2007 the singer opened up on the Oprah Winfrey show about attempting suicide on her 33rd birthday in 1999. She later revealed her struggle with bipolar disorder in 2012. Most recently in November of 2015, Sinead used her Facebook page to express her feelings of loneliness and anger towards her family, unsuccessful marriage, being away from her children, and depression due to a lack of familiar support. She shares that she is enduring more than one person can handle and ready to give up and throw in life’s final towel. Facebook is a public outlet, anyone who can access internet had access to read Sinead’s innermost feelings. To sum it up, she was crying out for help to anyone who would listen:

“Please. Please love me. Please come to the hospital and spend time with me and help fix all this. Please. I’m begging you. Don’t leave me so frightened and alone. Don’t treat me like I’m not loved and worth nothing. Please.”

Following her second open social media suicide letter, Sinead’s Facebook Page was disabled per her family’s request. Aggression, depression, loss of interest, rage, withdrawing from regular activities, isolation, and increased drug/ alcohol use are all suicide warning signs and cries for help.

No one wants to feel alone in this world and it is sad that the main connectors to the world, artists and entertainers, are some of the people who endure the most emotions and feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness. WE, as a community, as humanity, and as a species of power have to do something about this!

Hope is a constant conversation that you must have with yourself and if something in your life is not making you happy, YOU have the power to change it! Rid the negativity, rid the things that do not make you happy, rid the stress, rid the uninspiring, and rid the pressures of things that could lead you down a dark path. Everything heals! Your heart, your body, your mind, your soul… I promise that your happiness is going to come back because bad times don’t last.

Pay attention to the cries for help, you could be the person that saves someone else’s life! We need more life savers and less life takers and it starts with peace! A peace of mind and a need for a life surrounded by and driven by peace! Keep the Nothing Compares 2U singer and her family in your prayers.

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