As the first week in the new year comes to an end I want to send a few encouraging words to you all for 2016!!! First things first, love yourSELF more this year and don’t stop believing that go0d things and prosperity can come your way. Surround yourself with positive vibes, positive people, and positive atmospheres. Engage in activities that promote self love and self growth! Most importantly, leave every negative thing that hinders you from happiness, success, love, and growth in 2015! Above all else, focus on making YOU better! Love your life more in 2016!

On January 1st I created my vision board for this year! It included personal, professional, monetary, health, and spiritual goals that I have for myself in 2016. I loved doing this because it allowed me to set a foundation for the places I see myself going and the many things I’m going to accomplish. I put pictures of the end solutions and the ultimate goals because as long as I see the final destination, I can get through the journey. Some roads may be curvy and rocky with several pit stops and falls while others may be an easy ride. Moral of the story is no matter where the road may take you in 2016, love yourself and don’t stop believing that the best is coming your way! In the words of the great American Rock Band, Journey:

Don’t stop believin’ Hold on to that feelin’ Streetlight people Don’t stop believin’ Hold on

From personal experience I can tell you that sometimes things get worse before they come out at their best so allow 2016 to be better for you. We often start out the new year extremely inspired but when things don’t go as planned it is easy to get discouraged. Love yourself so much that no matter how rocky your road may get you keep driving forward. Road blocks will occur, detours will turn you around, and some streets will be closed but don’t stop believing that your personal GPS can get you there using another route! So I challenge you all to LOVE the LIFE you LIVE every day of 2016!

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