Founded in October 2014, LOVE the LIFE you LIVE , although still in its startup phases,aims to use music and performing arts & entertainment to help raise awareness about and prevent suicide and depression. Unlike any other focus in the music and entertainment world, LOVE the LIFE you LIVE touches on the uncomfortable and often unaddressed topic of death by suicide with goals of raising awareness, inspiring hope, and offering monetary support to suicide and depression prevention.

We came up with two core reasons to explain why we felt it was so important to tackle an issue that’s extremely relevant but socially sensitive at the same time.

The first reason:

Like Will, I experienced the loss of a loved one due to death by suicide in October 2014. As a result of such tragedy, the idea for my thesis project LOVE the LIFE you LIVE came about, creating a way for my passion, music, to be inspirationally therapeutic for people who are in such a depressed state that they are contemplating ending their own life. Most of us who have lost loved ones due to death by suicide were left with puzzling feelings of anger, regret, sadness, and uneasiness looking for answers to questions like:

Why would he/she do this?

What could I have done to save him/her?

Why wouldn’t he/she ask for help when so many people loved and cared?

What can help us cope?

What can we do about it now?

The second reason:

For those of you who are now contemplating or have attempted death by suicide and were unsuccessful. Thank God you were unsuccessful!!! You are a walking, living, and breathing testimony!! Still with us today to share your story, share your pain, and your darkness so that it can not only help you continue on but help others who are channeling those dark feelings that you were once subjected to see the light. It might seem so cliche, but get through the storm its a brighter day! You only get one life, take the time to make things right for you and for those who love you!

Protect your peace, get rid of toxicity, cleanse your space, and cultivate love for yourself first! LOVE the LIFE you LIVE!

So there you have it! We are doing this for the comfort of those who are left to mourndeaths by suicide and those who are left to live and lead! Both of whom are left to helpput an end to such happenings! Decreasing the number of death by suicides is a journey that we have to travel together.

If there is anyway that LOVE the LIFE you LIVE can help you or a loved one please do not hesitate to reach out or leave a comment.

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