Choose You

7am this morning I got a call from a friend. She was calling to tell me that a beautiful young person, a friend to many, from Hampton, VA had died by suicide. Although I did not know the deceased, we had a lot of mutual friends who are now experiencing shock, pain, heart-ache and confusion about the situation. “Why would she end her own life, when so many people loved her and were willing to help her?” is a common question that people who are left to mourn have after a loved one dies by suicide.

My friend told me that she sent her friends to LOVE the LIFE you LIVE’s Facebook Page for comfort. In the wake of the tragedy, her actions gave me comfort. LOVE the LIFE you LIVE began after my younger cousin committed suicide in October 2014 so the fact that my solution to combatting suicide can be a form of go-to solace for others makes me feel like there is hope! Hope that music and unity can put an end to the millions of deaths by suicide experienced worldwide. Hope that others are willing to fight for such tragedies to decrease as well. Hope that art can be therapeutically comforting for those who are disturbed, depressed, and feel alone in life.

Please pay attention to the behavioral and mood changes in the ones that you love. Offer support and get them help. Suicide is most often a result of developed mental or mood disorders like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, and so many other disorders THAT CAN BE TREATED!!

And for those of you who feel like the only way out of a bad situation is to end your own life, when worst comes to worst, at life’s worst CHOOSE YOU, CHOOSE LIFE!

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