love the life you live


We aim to use music, performing arts, and entertainment to inspire hope and raise awareness about suicide and depression prevention.


All of our donations will go towards raising awareness and offering monetary support to suicide and depression prevention.


“In Motion” will showcase our efforts to decrease the number of deaths by suicide.


bring you home

To celebrate the one year anniversary of LOVE the LIFE you LIVE's first release we are bringing you some new music and new vibes to remind you "when you feel all hope is gone, Let the music bring you home".

PRODUCER/ PIANO/ engineer: Peter Eddins
songwriter/ arranger: Janay M. James
VOCAL producers: Janay M. james 
                               indira shingler
vocals: indira imani
RAP/ lyrics: Courtesy
Now Available for Streaming and Purchase: 
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© LOVE the LIFE you LIVE 2016

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